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The concept for Towntracer originated from a discussion of how to best communicate the needs of an uptown business association. Though we were not successful in having this particular group move forward with the concept of web pages for the association and individual pages for each business, the idea lingered on in the mind of management at OTR Web Solutions Inc and eventually evolved into what is now Towntracer.

The owner of OTR having spent most of his life in Vancouver BC and then moving to Calgary AB and from there to a small town environment in Olds AB was quick to appreciate the particular comforts of the small town lifestyle. It didn’t take long to recognize that small towns have a need to be exposed for the good things they bring to life. Larger cities in Canada such as Vancouver BC or Montreal PQ or Toronto ON are well known around the world as a result of the events they host and their capacity for significant advertising budgets that smaller towns cannot begin to compete against.

Towntracer provides a tool for smaller communities across Canada and North America to efficiently advertise their towns, businesses, services and town amenities to an international audience.

The head office for Towntracer remains in Olds, AB. a town I am pleased to now call my hometown.

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