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Benefits for Business

Towntracer offers a full-page full colour digital ad that puts you in complete control with the ability to make instant updates anytime, anywhere! You pay an annual fee ... and it’s less than the cost of many small print ads.

  • Full-page, digital advertising HONESTLY priced for small business (only 3 monthly payments of $150 each)
  • Full CONTROL of content with instant changes – anytime – day or night
  • Search-engine optimized for MAXIMUM coverage
  • Advertise special deals, promotions & new products – year round at NO EXTRA COST
  • Reach local & area shoppers and international visitors for ONE ANNUAL COST
  • Drive international traffic to your existing website with our PROFESSIONAL SEO

Towntracer targets your message directly to the people that are looking for your town and helps them to simply find your business or service… with a message that is as fresh as today.