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There is a culture and philosophy at Towntracer (as well as the parent company OTR Web Solutions Inc.) and that is “Our people and our customers always come first.”

Ian Conklin is the owner of OTR, which in turn owns Towntracer, and he firmly believes that it is the people in an organization that will make or break a company. A web development company needs excellent software developers, project managers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers and community sales liaison people as well as accounting and general office personnel … but these are only positions. It is the people that fill these positions that are paramount.

There is a culture of respect for the customers and employees of both OTR and Towntracer that flows from ownership, management and staff … and from there through to the customers. Balancing this out is a determined drive to be the best they can be for themselves and their clients.

If you think you fit into what the management of Towntracer are looking for in people, then take the time to send your resume online … after you have had a chance to review the open positions.

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