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Benefits for Towns

Advertising your town can generate significant economic activity, new investment & interest. Town Tracer does this for you for FREE. With a minimum participation of just 10 businesses, your town will receive Towntracer web pages and an on-line directory that:

  • Promotes town business & events to an international audience FREE
  • Promotes local shopping FREE
  • Promotes increased visitor numbers FREE
  • Promotes local investment FREE
  • Informs on town amenities FREE
  • Puts cash into your local Chamber of Commerce FREE*

Towntracer connects people to your town and showcases the best of your town’s amenities, businesses and services directly to the people that are searching for you.

Benefits for Local Chamber of Commerce

For every business that is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and subscribes to the Towntracer web pages, Towntracer will donate $10 to that local Chamber... no strings attached. We ask for nothing in return from any Chamber of Commerce and wish only to express our appreciation for the hard work they do for their town.